Oatmeal that's ready to party!

Wonderfully wholesome, preposterously fun, and absurdly delicious.

Hold your apple-ause! You'll love this cinnamon-ey blend, but you'll need your hands to the spoon.

The banana split, but good thing is left the berries! This sweet & tart blend is simply scrumptious.

Do yourself a favor and don' make yourself pick just one flavor!

The Berry Best!

"The Berry is my favorite oatmeal of all time!" - said with two enthusiastic thumps up. - Milo, age 5

Healthy, Easy, Delicious and Allergy Friendly

Finding a breakfast option that our whole family can safely and happily enjoy is difficult. However, once we found Oats in Coats breakfast became a whole lot easier. - Michelle I.

Toddler Approved

My 18 month old toddler ate the whole container during his first try of it. Quick and easy for the morning before we get him off to daycare. - Mark G.