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At Oats in Coats, we’re all about making breakfast fun for everyone! Our cereals are non-GMO, free from the top 10 allergens and made without any added sugars or artificial ingredients.

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Allergen Free
Allergen Free
Allergen Free
Allergen Free
Allergen Free
Allergen Free
Allergen Free
Allergen Free

Made with real fruits and veggies & no added sugar!

Smartly-dressed and taste-obsessed!

Ho-hum oats are a thing of the past. Our oats are the best dressed in the market — spruced up with wholesome fruits and vegetables and free of the top 10 allergens. A way to give kids and their families a delicious, healthy, safe and fun start to their day.

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The banana split, but good thing it left the berries! This sweet & tart blend is simply scrumptious.

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Hold your apple-ause! You’ll love this cinnamon-ey blend, but you’ll need your hands to hold the spoon.

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Variety Pack

Do yourself a favor and don't make yourself pick just one flavor!

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Hey there,

I’m Oatis. I keep things fun around here, and make sure nothing gets too oat of order. Like me, our oats are always dressed their best and ready for any occasion.

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