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As a busy mom of little picky eaters, breakfast was a struggle. I wanted my kids to eat oatmeal, a naturally nutritious food, but they weren’t biting. They thought oatmeal was boring and bland. So I dressed up the oats and changed the way they thought about breakfast!

Bottom Twinkles
Tasty Oatmeal Image Tasty Oatmeal Image

First, I added ingredients to make oatmeal delicious, tastier even than the sugar-laden alternatives on our table. I added fruits and veggies, a smidgeon of cinnamon here and a sliver of sea salt there. And suddenly, the spoons were flying, the bowls were empty, and the bellies were full.

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But then, I asked my kids an absurd question: “What happens in the grocery store when the lights go out and the customers have gone home? Maybe a party breaks out? What if the oats put on coats and the fruits wear suits?” My oldest piped up, “I’ll bet the veggies get wedgies!” We dreamed up all sorts of silly jokes, hijinks and characters - including a particularly affable oat, Oatis — and realized that storytelling had made breakfast a magical time for our family.

So we decided to launch Oats in Coats in the hopes that we can brighten your mornings too. Our breakfast cereals are made with wholesome and healthy ingredients, including real fruits and veggies, and they're ready in minutes. And lastly, we made them free from the top allergens so that more kids and families can enjoy. Fun - for everyone.

Thats the story of how we started.

We hope you’ll check us oat and take a moment to enjoy something delicious and imagine something preposterous.

Tasty Oatmeal Image