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We have so much fun at Oats in Coats being silly, but being allergen-friendly is one thing that we always take seriously. We know that there is nothing more important than the health and wellbeing of your family and friends.


On this page we share our supplier and production protocols for managing food allergy risk as well as give a clear picture of what is not in our products, and what is in our products, so that you can feel confident sharing Oats in Coats with everybody who gathers at your table.

Managing Food Allergy Risk

We are intentional about minimizing food allergy risk during recipe development and are rigorous about maintaining strict protocols when it comes to ingredient sourcing. We also worked hard to find and partner with a production facility that strictly follows industry-leading allergen protocols. While no reputable facility can provide a 100% guarantee of zero risk, we appreciate the rigorous program at our partner production facility -- started, owned and managed by a food allergy mom. Take a look at some of the protocols they follow:.

Made For You In A Dedicated Facility Free From The Top 10 Allergens

All ingredient suppliers must provide written declarations regarding 14 allergens/gluten in their products and facilities, as well as their protocols including product handling and staff training

Multiple food allergen/gluten tests on incoming raw ingredients plus random finished product testing using verified scientific procedures -- both in-house and with 3rd party labs

Strict shipping and receiving policies including tracing and tracking all ingredients

Staff training and contracts ensure that everyone from the office to shipping in our partner facility understands the severity of food allergies

3rd party certified SQF Level 2 under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standard, which includes audited allergen control and training programs

What is not in our products:

Our products and partner production facility are free from the Top 10 allergens, and then some.

What is in our products:

Given all the exclusions, you might be wondering what is in our products. It’s a fair question, as we have all seen other companies replace allergen foods with artificial ingredients and fillers -- achieving an allergen-friendly-looking ingredients list but falling far short on nutrition and taste. Through our testing and recipe development, we learned that a simple focus on a short-list of whole foods in our recipes and commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients has allowed us to offer a product that doesn’t force allergen-aware families to choose between delicious vs. safe, or nutritious vs. safe.

Nothing but nutritious, whole foods!

No really, these are all of the ingredients. Check it oat!

Gluten free oats Background Image
Gluten free oats Icon Image

Gluten free oats

Whole grain and certified gluten-free.

Dried strawberries Background Image
Dried strawberries Icon Image

Dried strawberries

Bright and sweet and packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Dried apple Background Image
Dried apple Icon Image

Dried apple

Delicious source of vitamins and fiber.

Dried blueberries Background Image
Dried blueberries Icon Image

Dried blueberries

A superfood packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids. Say what?!

Dried beet powder Background Image
Dried beet powder Icon Image

Dried beet powder

Oh what a way to hide nutrition provided by veggies into any child’s meal. ;)

Dried zucchini powder Background Image
Dried zucchini powder Icon Image

Dried zucchini powder

Oh what a way to hide nutrition provided by veggies into any child’s meal. ;)

Cinnamon Background Image
Cinnamon Icon Image


Loaded with antioxidants, cinnamon adds a spicy and flavorful kick.

Sea salt Background Image
Sea salt Icon Image

Sea salt

Just a pinch packs a punch of minerals before lunch.

Monk fruit extract Background Image
Monk fruit extract Icon Image

Monk fruit extract

An itty-bitty fruit so sweet, it makes breakfast a treat!

Our processes and protocols have earned recognition :

Our Oath To You

We hope that you will feel confident sharing our allergen-aware story and our products with your family and friends. Please reach out to hello@oatsincoats.com with any questions or comments.

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