6 Tips To Make Back To School Less Of A Grind

Aug 21 2022

Whether you’re soaking up every last minute of summer or can’t wait for the silence that comes with an empty house, the inevitable is upon us: Back to School.

There’s a reason it’s called “the Back-to-School Grind,” right? But we’re here to make this time of year easier on you and the kids.

1. It’s all about the schedule

Some parents like to do “Back to School Training.” Kids go to bed and wake up at the same time they’ll do during the school year the last week or two of summer. Whether or not you choose to go that hardcore is up to you (having been a child whose parents did this, it’s a hard “no” for me). But you can do things to soften the blow, like set an evening alarm that tells the kids this is when they’ll be starting the nighttime routine, then another one in the morning, so they get a feel for the time of day they need to wake up. This will help when the “it’s still light out!” complaints start those first few weeks.

2. Supply and demand

Back-to-school shopping isn’t for the faint of heart. Thank goodness for online ordering! Take advantage of free pick-up options at your local stores. Doing the bulk of it (composition notebooks, pencils, rulers, etc.) this way will help ease the burden of this daunting shopping trip. And when you pick those supplies up, let the kids go in to pick out their folders and pencil boxes. They won’t miss the smaller stuff, and you’ll save a lot of time searching for the right dry-erase markers. 

3. More cooks in the kitchen

There’s nothing this mom loathes more than making lunches. Whenever it’s packing time, my eyes are rolling for whatever reason. But, no matter if you’re organized or strive to be more so, divide school snacks and accompaniments into various bins with “Take one” or “Take two” signage. That way, when the monotony of lunch making comes, the kids can help pack it up with choices you’ve already approved of. And, in case you’re new here, Oats in Coats fits perfectly into one of these bins. (Don’t forget to pack a spoon and a thermos of hot water!)

4. Fuel for a busy day

So maybe we’re a little biased about breakfast over here, but research shows that kids who eat a well-balanced meal in the morning have a better attention span, concentration and memory. Not only are Oats in Coats easy to make, they’re packed with wholesome ingredients and have no added sugar. It’s a morning win everyone needs. 

5. Avoid wardrobe malfunctions

I get to pick my kids’ outfits twice a year: the first day of school (if I’m lucky) and picture day. It’s up to them every other day—and they love it. If you’re OK with some mismatched socks, let your kids give it a go. It will check something off your already overwhelming to-do list while giving them creative freedom. If you’re not ready for the clash of colors, try getting them involved in the process the night before. Negotiating skills are a must! 

6. Beat writer’s block

If you’re like me, you’re no artist. But you can still let your kids feel the love during the school day with a nice napkin note in their lunches. Pro tip: Sit down one night (maybe while the kids are picking out their own clothes) and make a bunch up so they are ready for hectic mornings. Simply writing “I love you!” or “I know you’re doing your best today” can go a long way. You can also include the fun worksheet from our pal Oatis. You can find this in every order of oats!

Got any other helpful tips? Share them with us on our Facebook page. And no matter what this school year brings, remember one thing: You’ve got this! (And when you don’t, there’s always YouTube to help you turn into a costume creator, at-home math tutor, toy mechanic and all-around-superhero-mom.)