Hi, I'm Oatis

Apr 21 2021

Well HELLO, Grownup! I’m Oatis. I like to keep things fun around here and try to make sure nothing gets too oat of order. Mostly I end up getting myself into silly situations with my preposterous pals -- a nice group of wholesome fruits, veggies and other friends. We would love to invite you and your kids to join us in making breakfast so much more than a time of day, and instead, a time for play!

Ho-Hum to Heroats

Once upon a time, oatmeal was just another ho-hum nutritional powerhouse food. January 2nd was always our best day of the year (new year, new you!), but we had trouble getting anybody to answer our calls after that. I wondered, why did eating healthy have to be so dull?

Plain cereal was serially serious.

I met a few sugary cereals that kids seemed to love for breakfast, but while we stood there together on the grocery store shelves, they would quietly (and ever so sweetly) admit to us that they really aren’t nutritious at all. So I gathered my preposterous pals – Rosie the Strawberry, Barry the Blueberry and DJ the Beet, and we imagined new breakfast ideas to go from ho-hum to heroats. We made a solemn oat(h) to get smartly-dressed and taste-obsessed, and to always bring the party.

Oatmeal That’s Ready to Party

Settled on nutrition and taste, there was one more thing we realized we could do to help you and your families make the mornings bright! My preposterous pals and I always get up to such silly hijinks when the customers aren’t paying attention at the grocery store. We oats love to put on brightly decorated coats, while the fruits don their very best suits and the meats step into freshly-ironed khakis -- with pleats. The baguettes rarely change out of their sweats and the veggies always seem to struggle with their wedgies. 

We laugh all the way into the morning light, and since the best thing about fun is sharing it with everyone, we wanted to invite your family to enjoy some of our preposterous stories and activities with us. We regularly share free games like “Spot the Difference'' and “Find the Emoji” through our Instagram channel. And for the less digitally-savvy fans out there, we have created engaging activity sets for kids (with coloring pages and word searches, among a few oather things!) that are downloadable on our Pinterest channel and from our website. And for our email and product subscribers, plenty more games, jokes, and grocery stories are available through our newsletters and with each Oats in Coats purchase.

I am SO excited to invite you and your kids to start with silly like we do here at Oats in Coats. 

Until next time, signing oat -- Oatis.